Procrastination and customer service

Here at Apollo Caster and Apollo Land Co., we have several small construction / maintenance projects underway. Related to that, we have been working with a variety of companies and contractors for services such as roof repair, masonry tuckpointing and flooring. More times than not, the potential vendors have to be contacted multiple times to simply get their quote. These seems odd in two ways.

First, why is it that people feel they are doing their customer a favor to promise a delivery date and then miss it? Why not do everyone a favor by making a realistic promise of when the quote/ work can be completed and then meeting or exceeding it? To blow past it only undermines the customer’s faith about working with that vendor in the future. And it creates stress and non-value-added phone calls for the vendor. Further, if they put off doing the quote for two weeks, how many details have they forgotten about the original discussion?

Second, who is impressed by a supplier that cannot even build up the interest to try to earn some new business? At Apollo, we aim to respond to every quote request within a few hours. After all, if we give the impression that we’re too busy or uninterested to prepare the quote and earn the business, why would we expect the customer to be optimistic about our future service levels and why should they be excited about working with us?

Apollo Caster wants your business. We will say it and we will play it. Even when we’re busy; even when we’re short-handed, every veteran customer or new prospect has our attention and responsiveness.

It’s just not that hard.

Let’s join together

This is an interesting time. With museums, restaurants and other establishments being forced to close or modify their operations by statute or federal order, it provides a time for us to help one another out.

For those of us whose livelihood and income are not as drastically affected, it’s our time to pitch in.
Consider donating food to your local food banks, churches, or clearinghouses to help families with kids who are not getting a subsidized meal at school. And for those parents who may now either be laid off – or be paying for daycare.
Look for items of which the grocery has an abundance, make a purchase and donate it.
Restaurants in our state are now disallowed from having dine-in service. A number of these in our town have not previously offered carry-out service. The owners and all the wait-staff are going to have a tough time paying rent/ mortgage this month. If you are in a position to do so, please make a point to order carry-out from such a restaurant and help their cash flow. Repeat when possible until the in-house dining ban is lifted.
That’s a start. Who else do we need to be thoughtful of?
We do our part to help our community. That’s how we roll.