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Casters 101: Quick guide on finding the right caster.
First time looking for casters and don't know the options and terminology? Read on for a quick & easy beginner's guide to finding what you need. Keep in mind, you can always call for assistance.
Tutorial Chapters:
Lesson 4: Rig Materials & Styles
Rigs are available in various styles for specific purposes. This dicussion is relevant to single-wheel casters.
Remember to call with your questions.
Zinc Plated steel
    This is the default style of caster rig for most single-wheel casters.
    Most economical.
    Zinc plating is for rust resistance.
Bright Chrome casters
    Very attractive caster along with corrosion resistant.
    Popular with furniture, display racks, food service and institutional applications.
Nylon/ Plastic rigs
    Light, professional, easy rolling for medical and institutional environments.
Yellow Dichromate
    Yellow Dichromate plating provides for added corrosion resistance.
Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel offers the ultimate in corrosion prevention.
    Used with stainless steel bearings or delrin spanners for wash down environments such as foodservice and freezers where changing environments create condensation.
    Popular for catering, food preparation, food stocking carts and other wash-down applications.

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