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Caster Wheels

Apollo Caster can provide you with any type of wheel you might need based on your environment, load, durability requirements, and budget constraints. If you are not sure which type is best, just call us and let us help you select the most effective wheel for your specific application.

Don't waste time and money changing out the entire caster when all you need is a wheel! Let Apollo provide OEM quality replacement wheels for fast and easy repairs.
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wheel product description hardness bearings $$ temp
Cast Iron Wheel Cast Iron or Semi-Steel: These cast iron wheels are constructed of premium gray iron for maximum load capacity and impact strength. The wheels feature heavy cross section castings for heavy duty use, abrasion resistance and a long service life.  They are resistant to abrasions and require minimal effort to start-up and push loads. 

Built for high capacity applications, the cast iron wheels can withstand extreme heat. Precision tapered bearings are available to complement the characteristics of the wheels.

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130-150 Brinelle Roller; Precision Ball; Delrin, plain $ -40 to 800 with proper bearings and lubrication
Conductive Caster Conductive:: are designed to dissipate static build-up in rolling carts. A necessity in electronics and medical industries, these rubber wheels feature a cushion ride and tested durability. 

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70-80A Ball or steel spanner $$ -30 to 160 deg
Single Flanged Caster Flanged: Single and double: The flanged wheel is designed to operate on steel tracking to minimize guidance and rolling effort. These wheels are constructed of premium cast iron and steel for high strength and long wear. 

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  Roller, tapered roller $$ Maximum to 800 with proper bearings and lubrication
Flat Wide Wheel Flat Free (Foam Filled): Made to perform like a pneumatic tire, it is filled with a lightweight, microcellular polyurethane foam. They retain the lightweight, bounce and cushion like a pneumatic tire, without the nuisance of air leaks.

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60-70A Ball, Roller, plain $$$ N/A
Glass Nylon Wheel Glass Filled Nylon, High Temp: Made from a blend of nylon and glass, these wheels are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures in moist environments such as baking.  They are very durable and resistance to oils, greases and cleaning agents.

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65 D Plain, roller, spanner $$ Up to 490 continuous or 550 intermittent
Phenolic Wheel Phenolic wheels are an industry standard.   Made of phenolic resin and macerated canvas, these wheels are tough, durable and virtually indestructible. Also economically priced, shock-load capable, non-marking, non-conductive and resistant to oils, greases and liquids.

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75-85D Plain, roller, Delrin, Precision Ball $ -50 to 250
High Temp Wheel Phenolic, High Temp:  The wheels are made from macerated canvas mixed with phenolic resins, then pressure molded and cooked.  The result is a highly durable wheel capable of taking shock loads, is floor-protective, non-marking and non-conductive. Best for dry heat environments such as metal treating.

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75-85D Plain, Roller, spanner $$ -50 to 550
Pneumatic Wheel Pneumatic:  These air-inflated rubber wheels are mounted on a two piece hub assembly.  Providing the ultimate in cushion and shock absorption, they are well suited for moving fragile loads over a variety of floor surfaces.

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N/A Ball, Precision, flanged roller, straight roller $$ N/A
Polyolefin Wheel Polyolefin: These wheels are a lightweight, economical, hard tread wheel that withstands hard impacts and abusive conditions.  They provide floor protection, are non-marking and non-conductive.  Resistant to water, oils, grease, solvents and many chemicals.

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60-70D Plain, spanner, ball bearing $ -45 to 180
Poly Wheel Polyurethane on Aluminum wheels feature precision molded high quality polyurethane chemically bonded to a smooth, polished aluminum core, providing a versatile, strong and attractive wheel.  With ball bearings, these provide an easy start-up and are good for ergonomic applications.  Meets SF and UL sanitation standards, resistant to water, oils, greases, cleaning agents and solvents.

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95A Plain, delrin, annular ball, precision ball, roller $$ -40 to 180
Poly On Poly Wheel Polyurethane on Polyolefin wheels are comprised of precision molded high quality polyurethane mechanically locked to a durable polyolefin core, providing a versatile, strong and attractive wheel.  Different manufacturers often assign their own brand name, such as Performa, Protech, PolyLoc or Mirage.  These popular wheels are available in various color combinations and can look very attractive while providing easy roll-ability, floor protection, non-marking and non-conductive performance. 

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95A Plain, ball bearing $ -40 to 180
Poly on Cast Iron Wheel Polyurethane on Cast Iron: A wide variety of liquid cast polyurethane wheels are available. These wheels offer a longer wearing, higher capacity material than rubber, yet will not damage or mark floors like cast iron or steel. Polyurethane wheels possess a durability unmatched by any rubber tread wheel and are built to withstand permanent flat spots in the tread.  The polyurethane resists most chemicals and oils and rejects floor debris.

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95 A Plain; Delrin; Roller; Precision Ball; Tapered Ball $$ -40 to 180 with proper bearings and lubrication
Heavy Duty Wheel Polyurethane on Steel: Extreme Duty The combination of this high-load urethane chemically fused to a steel core makes this wheel one of the most long lasting, rugged wheels available. It resists heat build-up and is excellent for applications where heavy loads and continuous usage cause regular poly wheels to degrade.

It provides floor protection, is non-marking and delivers a quieter ride than a hard tread or steel wheel.

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60 D Tapered $$$ -40 to 180
PolyUrethane WheelPolyUrethane Wheel Polyurethane, solid: These caster wheels are molded from high performance liquid cast polyurethane.  They are easy to push with easy start-up, are capable of withstanding shock loads and abusive conditions.  They are durable and resist abrasions, cracking and chipping, and are floor protective and non marking.

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55-65D Plain, roller, precision ball, delrin $$ -40 to 180 intermittent

Hard Rubber Wheel

Rubber, Hard: One-piece molded construction, available in black or grey, these hard rubber wheels have a higher load capacity than the soft rubber and will not flatten while sitting under load.  They provide an easy roller, and easy start-up along with great durability. Also resistant to most chemicals, oils, grease, solvents and cleaning agents.  Not non-marking!

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75 D Plain, ball, Delrin $ -40 to 180 intermittent
Rubber Wheel Rubber, Soft: wheels are a good choice for those applications where the average load is light with occasional loads using the full capacity of the wheel. Soft Rubber wheels are manufactured of quality materials with a resilient rubber tread bonded to the hard rubber core. These wheels are an economical choice for moving equipment.

Cons: Overloading can result in flat spots making initial rollability more difficult.  Do not use in oil/ grease situations, where metal chips/ filings are present, or in high temperature environments.

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70-80 A Plain bore; Ball $ Maximum to 180 F (intermittent)
Rubber on Alumnium Wheel Rubber on Aluminum wheels feature a cushion rubber tread chemically - and permanently - bonded to a smooth, polished aluminum wheel core. They provide light weight with good load capacity and shock absorption.  Particularly with annular bearings, they require minimal effort to starup-up and push a load.  The cushioned rubber allows for easy roll-over of small obstacles such as electrical cords and door thresholds.   They offer floor protection, are non marking and non-conductive, and resist liquids, oils, greases, cleaning agents and solvents.

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65-75A Plain, annular ball, precision ball, roller $ -40 to 180 intermittent
Rubber Ballon Wheel Rubber Balloon on Aluminum:  Extra thick, precision molded high grade grey rubber chemically bonded to an aluminum core provides extreme resiliency and mobility.  These attractive wheels deliver a quiet, cushion ride on rough or uneven surfaces.  The 'crowned' or 'donut' tread offers swiveling ease with rollability.  Offers superior floor protection, is non-marking and non-conductive.

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60-70A Plain, ball bearing $$$ N/A
Rubber on Cast Iron Wheel Rubber on Cast Iron: Our mold-on rubber wheels consist of a soft black, 70 durometer (Shore A) rubber tread permanently bonded on gray iron centers. Mold-on rubber wheels provide excellent floor protection, a cushioned and quiet ride for the product being transported, and they absorb shock and vibration.

Excellent for moist and wet environments, food service equipment, small waste bins, factory use, platform trucks and hotel equipment. 

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60-80 A Plain, Roller, Precision Ball, Delrin $$ -40 to 180 with proper bearings and lubrication
Semi Pneumatic Wheel Semi-Pneumatic: wheels consist of a solid rubber tread on a plastic hub. In larger models, these are a solid rubber tread on a steel hub and can be used for forklift trucks and similar equipment.

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70-80 A Plain bore; Ball, Steel Hub $$ N/A

Forged Steel Wheel

Steel: Forged or Ductile: are hot forged from high carbon steel billets heated to 2,400 degrees then repeatedly hit by high tonnage forging hammers. This process enhances the grain structure and increases the ductility and tensile strength (64000 psi) of the wheel. The wheels are then precision machined flat with rounded edged to finished tolerances.

Forged steel wheels offer the greatest load capacity, impact strength and rollability of all caster wheels.

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Off the chart! Roller, tapered, plain, Teflon $$$ -40 to 800 with proper bearings and lubrication
Round Tread Wheel Thermoplastic Rubber:  Precision molded Thermo Plastic Rubber is mechanically locked to a durable polyolefin core to provide an economical wheel for many applications.  They provide a smooth, cushioned ride and can overcome small debris and obstacles on the floor.  They offer floor protection, are non-marking and non-conductive.  These often have various brand names by various manufacturers and can be flat or crowned. 

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55-65 A Plain, delrin, spanner, roller, caged roller $$ -40 to 180 intermittent
V-Groove Wheel V-Groove wheels are constructed from grey iron castings.  The 90 grooves, machined into the face of the wheels, direct the load to each face of the angle track. Can also be used on a flat surface.  Ideal for heavy loads.

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130-150 Brinell   $$ -40 to 800 with proper bearings and lubrication

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