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"Trio Pines has spent the last 30+ years quietly manufacturing casters that millions of people use everyday. Trio Pines offers better quality, better selection, better pricing and better service nationwide from our three company-owned warehouses and sales offices across the country. From the lightest duty casters which hold a few pounds, to heavy duty models with capacities over a ton-and-a-half -- and some 30,000 other casters in-between -- Trio Pines offers the best value of any caster company."

Samples of Trio Pines Products:

Trio Pines Light Duty Casters From Trio Pines Furniture Casters to wheels for light medical equipment and display racks, Trio Pines has the selection, quality and pricing for nearly any application.

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Trio Pines Light-Medium Duty Casters Trio Pines offers the broadest range of medium duty casters for the food service industry -- including high-temperature, stainless steel and NSF-Listed products.

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Trio Pines Casters The 2" wide series of casters -- ranging from 4" to 8" diameter wheels -- is the centerpiece of the Trio Pines line, with a huge variety of wheels, top plates and options.

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Trio Pines Heavy Duty Casters Strong and manufactured for "real life" use, the Trio Pines heavy duty lines of casters come with both traditional kingpin-style and the new, stronger "kingpinless" models that can out-last and out-perform regular casters in more serious applications.

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From Shopping Cart casters to our new WorkStation casters, Trio Pines offers a vast array of specialty items, including our extremely popular total lock lines that are both stylish and practical.

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