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Samples & Prototypes
Everyone likes free samples! Unfortunately, it is impractical and unprofitable to provide free samples to everyone that asks for them.

We understand your position! Who wants to buy $5 worth of prototpyes, pay the small order fee and shipping and end up with a $25 charge for something you may not even be able to use?

And here's our position: Small orders are not the fav! Nearly the same amount of time in invested to process the order, pick the parts, assemble (in many cases), package, and prepare for shipping whether the order is for two or twenty. So a typical for-profit company is not particularly motivated to complete all of that with no revenue at all. Even charging for the products is a break-even transaction at best, right?

Here's what we can do.

If the project is extensive and a large order may result, the cost of the samples can be later applied as a credit to the order, thereby making the samples 'free' retroactively. The resulting larger order must be $1,000 or larger and up to four (4) samples will be credited.

Other thoughts: If the project is that large, is the idea of free samples really all that critical? Just buy what you need and keep the project moving! If the project is small, why is Apollo Caster (or any business) motivated to "earn" the business via free samples? We want to earn the business! And we aim to do so via great prices and outstanding service. And no, outstanding service is not defined as giving away free samples.

One other idea: if the items you need are under $5.00, we will often agree to send one sample for free when you offer to provide your shipping account.

Thank you for your understanding.

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