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"MedCaster offers a complete line of Healthcare Casters and Hospital Casters designed specifically for today's sophisticated and demanding medical and pharmaceutical environments. Applications include Hospital bed Casters, Steel Casters, Locking Casters, Clean room Casters wheels, Antimicrobial Casters Wheels, Antistatic Casters Wheels, Conductive Casters Wheels, Laboratory Casters Wheels, Rhombus Casters wheels, healthcare beds, hospital casters, Light Duty Casters, Medium Heavy Duty Casters, Heavy Duty Casters, Hospital Equipment, Medical Casters, Stainless Casters, IV pole casters, bed casters, gurney casters, Stretcher Casters, Medical Wheels, Hospital Wheels, Hospital Stretchers."

Samples of Medcaster Products
shepherd-casters-light Medcasters Dual Wheel (DW) Casters Series offer low-profile, easy swiveling, smooth-rolling casters. These have TPR tread, integrated thread guards and precision bearings in the wheels. Total lock brake option also available.
shepherd-casters-medium; Medcaster's Next Generation (NG) series incorporates a nylon body, sealed precision bearing raceway, optional total lock and direction lock brakes, and sealed precision wheel bearings. Complete maintenance free and a great performer at a great price.
shepherd-casters-bassick Medcaster has a wide range of casters for the hospital and institutional applications. The Chrome Hospital (CH) series has high quality swivel bearings, precision wheel bearings, integrated thread guards and both total and direction locking brake options.
shepherd-casters-twin-wheel Medcaster's Twin-Med (TM) series includes double ball bearing in the swivel raceway and total-locking brakes - an unusual option on a twin-wheel model.

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